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There’s no denying that Tailwind is a blogger’s secret weapon, but did you know that it also has the tools you need to help build your email list?

That’s right! According to Jeff Sieh of Manly Pinterest Tips, the more useful your content is, the better chances you have of generating valuable leads.

Focus On The Right Content

Whether you’re planning to offer a freebie or a checklist, you want to make it easy for others to access the content. “I like having a specialized page that’s concise,” noted Sieh during a Facebook Live session titled, How To Use Pinterest To Rapidly Grow Your Email List”

Sieh suggests Pinterest users make sure there’s no disconnect when others click on your pin. “Make sure it’s the same image or a different version from the photoshoot. This is easier to achieve with a landing page.”

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During the Facebook Live session, Alisa Meredith of Tailwind shared her thoughts on whether or not someone needs to create over 100 pins to catch the attention of other Pinterest users.

“The best bang for your buck is repurposing,” said Meredith. ” Remixing images for new content will attract new people, and adding different content as well.”

Another question that came up from a fellow viewer was tips on getting sign ups when you have a high bounce rate from Pinterest. According to Meredith, these types of bounce rates are common on Pinterest. “The pinners don’t know you,” Meredith explained.

She added: “Pinterest did a study on 21,000 pins and focused on awareness, email signups, online and offline sales, etc. (The company) found pins that show people wearing or using the product receive 25% conversion rates; pin descriptions with brand names in them had 54%; and pins with text overlay receive 61%.”

How To Collect Leads For Free

Generating leads for your email list sounds like an expensive task. However, according to Sieh, there are free alternatives to building your email list. Sieh suggested having the right images and interesting topics to build your audience without the use of Pinterest ads.

To help improve your content to drive results, Sieh believes adding visuals of what pinners will receive when they download a piece of content one way to help generate email leads through Pinterest.

Using Tailwind to pin content helps you know what content is recent and the platform also checks links for you. Tribes, which are groups for like-minded people, offer quality content and are niche-focused.

Are you looking to give Tailwind a try? Head over to How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest Marketing and learn how you can get the most out of the platform.

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