This is a snippet from a #momsinMKTG chat session that took place in the Moms in Marketing FB Group. You can join here.

Are you looking to collaborate with brands this year? Maybe your focus is to create on-going partnerships with your favorite companies.

Jehava Brown of Only Girl 4 Boyz recently shared her tips on pitching brands and ways you can start today.

“I realized how bad my pitches were when I started,” noted Jehava. “It doesn’t have to do with your numbers as much as it has to do with what’s in your pitch.”

Finding The Right Contact

Doing a quick search on Google can help you reach the right contact at the desired company. “Over time I’ve noticed the best way to get a PR contact is by running Instagram accounts,” Jehava mentioned in her FB Live session. “I’ll send a DM asking for their best contact email for a collaboration.”

Playing up your strengths is important in the industry, and Jehava is no stranger to doing so. “Don’t mention Instagram [when pitching a company] if you don’t have a lot of followers,” Jehava mentioned. “If you feel you have more engagement on Facebook or more numbers on Pinterest, play up what you have. Don’t talk about anything else.

Quick tip from Jehava: Combine all your numbers for social channels and share that total.

Always share your links when you email a company, stressed Jehava during her session. “If you have a media kit, be sure to attach that as well.”

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