How To Find ‘Not Listed’ Keywords From Google Analytics

find not listed keywords on Google Analytics

Understanding the keyword searches that are driving traffic to your website are essential to driving more of the content your potential readers are looking to find.

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This post will probably drive more than 1,000 hits since we weren’t able to find the answer to this question without some of our own research.

Although we did keyword searches of our own for a client, there’s nothing like finding the answer through some digging.

WordStream, a free keyword tool that makes online advertising a breeze, was one of the tools we tried. We also checked out Keyword Hero.

Before receiving the information, Keyword Hero asked to access Google Analytics and make some altercations to the account. We weren’t a fan or having a company have access to our website. We opted for WordStream because it was free and they didn’t push a trial on us before sending over the information.

When we received the downloadable file from WordStream via email, the number of keyword searches to the direct link we provided was a match with the information we received from our Google Analytics.

Have you seen “Not Listed” under your keyword searches on Google Analytics?
Give this free tool a try!


  1. Nice. I had no idea how to do this. I’ll have to try this out, because I admit, I don’t know how to navigate Google Analytics well.

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  5. That is an incredibly valuable tip. It really helps you get into that targeted audience!

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  8. I’ve been really bad at researching SEO words and applying them to my blog. I think one of the reasons is that I’m overwhelmed by it, but I’m sure that once I got started, it would be a breeze.

  9. Is keyword searching applicable if I wanted our youtube channel to be on top? Will it help our channel in terms of SEO?

  10. I didn’t know there are dedicated services that’s help Yu with key word search! Will be looking into it

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  12. I am trying to learn all the Google Analytics data since that can be so helpful in understaning my website performance. Checking out Wordstream too!

  13. Very useful post! Many of us dont consider what other people are searching for, and dont use certain words that they should be using, and these applications help for that for sure.

  14. I need to check this not listed keywords. Thanks for sharing SEO tip.

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