#momsinMKTG Chat: Creating Content That Clicks

The 5 tips mentioned in this blog post are from a recent Moms in Marketing Facebook Live session with Michele Brosius. A recording of this session is available to members of the Moms in Marketing Facebook community. Join here.

Starting a blog can be exciting. One of the popular questions among our Moms in Marketing community members is how to drive clicks to an existing newsletter.

If you recently started a blog and are questioning whether or not to create a newsletter, then you might want to take some advice from this week’s Moms in Marketing chat guest speaker.

According to blogging guru Michele Brosius, it is never too early to start collecting those emails. In fact, she advised our audience to build their newsletter subscribers, and create a community of people who find value in their content.

For those who are looking to drive clicks to their newsletter content, Brosius believes the answer is in the content you provide your newsletter subscribers. Brosius advised bloggers to “find out what your popular posts are, and write more of that (type) of content.”

Be Seen, Get Clicks

Taking the time out to create content that resonates with your audience can take time. By understanding your readers, you will be able to help them address some of their issues.

“Many bloggers get caught up on creating new content,” noted Brosius. “Sometimes if you just take a step back and analyze popular content, you’ll get a better understanding of the types of pieces you can create that will complement the existing content.”

Trying to create new content can be exciting, but what about the information that is available on your website? Brosius breaks down the five tips to getting clicks in the following list:

  1. Write good content that solves your audience’s problems;
  2. Create titles that evoke emotion to entice people to click through;
  3. Share your content on social media and your newsletter;
  4. Link to other relevant posts from your blog; and
  5. Find out what your popular posts are and write similar content.

Do you have any tips to add? Share them in a comment below.

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