Spending time on Facebook can be exciting. Whether you’re catching up with family and friends or making new ones, this social channel is a great way to stay connected.

Did you know there’s more to Facebook than a social network? In fact, you can use the platform to sell items via Facebook Marketplace and engage with like-minded people through Facebook Groups.

If you’ve ever contemplated showcasing your brand online, then you might want to sit down for this. There’s a secret that bloggers and influencers use to help boost their numbers on social media. That secret is Facebook Groups.

The trick to Facebook Groups is finding the most engaging ones. Fortunately, I’ve compiled a list of my Top 5 for you hit your engagement goals. I’m talking 1K+ on Instagram Likes, 50+ Comments on Instagram posts, 100+ Likes on Facebook Posts and 50+ Comments on Facebook Posts.

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Before I go into the list of groups, I need to let you know something. One of the reasons bloggers and influencers use this method is to help fellow bloggers and influencers get their message across. I consider it boosting your post for your audience to see. You shouldn’t rely on these groups to become Internet famous.

Please remember that your content should provide the value to your followers, not your numbers.

The Social Ninjas, 4 AM Deadline
Bloggy Buzz – 8 PM Deadline
Facebook Fans – 6 AM Deadline
Awesome Bloggers – 6 PM Deadline
Blog Support Group – 8 PM Deadline
Social M A M A S

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